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Testimonials: New Build? No problem!

It’s a very daunting decision to leave your homeland to live overseas in what is probably a foreign land especially when your are middle aged or older, but, I like many decided to take that leap of faith.

I had decided to move to Spain for the obvious bonuses of beautiful weather and the much cheaper cost of living plus the added bonus of cheap and regular flights being available should I have to return to the UK in an emergency and also for my friends and family to visit.

The next decision, which is probably the hardest is “who do you trust” with what is probably your life savings and do they have the knowledge and experience to take you through the process of purchasing a property with all its pitfalls and legalities?

In this respect I was fortunate enough to have a former Army colleague of mine who had purchased a property through Casas Espania S.L. and he recommended the Company to me and for that I can assure you I am totally grateful.

I first visited Spain in October 2017 for a 12 day visit and rather than take my friend’s word reference Casas Espania S.L. I had arranged to spend 3 days with a different Estate Agent during this period to get a feel for each Company and to see the type of properties they were selling, locations and price range etc. It soon became apparent that the 3 other companies were not in the same league.You often hear the advertising gibberish of “exceeding customer expectations,” however, in this case the only Company that I found did that was Casas Espania S.L.

For Gareth Whittington and his team of professionals nothing was too much trouble.All the processes and legalities of purchasing a “New Build” property were fully explained to me and all my questions answered with ease.I was introduced to the family and friends of the “team” and it soon became apparent to me that this was not just about purchasing a house through Casas Espania S.L., paying for it, shaking hands, saying goodbye and thank you very much, but, just as importantly to me becoming part of a “family”.I felt absolutely safe in the knowledge that I trusted this Company implicitly and that my needs were always going to be paramount.

I went back to Spain in January 2019 after selling my house in October 2018 and within 4 days they had found the exact house I was after.I put down my reservation, although my heart was beating so fast I thought it would explode, Gareth’s calming influence and expertise soon brought me back down to earth. All financial aspects of the purchase were agreed in a couple of days and I have found that the Construction Company building the property Vermell Smart Properties S.L. have also been exceptional, they regularly update me with pictures of how the build is progressing and when I visit Torrevieja Gareth and I always meet with Mr Tomás Goméz of Vermell Smart Properties S.L.. to discuss any additions or requirements to the build of the property and this has never been an issue.I have always found them to be totally proactive in assisting me and the fact that they have English speaking representatives is also a definite bonus.

In conclusion I would say that you will be looking far and wide to find a company of this stature with the expertise always on hand to assist you in purchasing a property be it “New Build” or “Traditional”.I feel very fortunate to be part of their growing “family” and have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective buyer looking to purchase a property in Spain.

Gary Pearson