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Testimonials: Karen and Rob Rice

Karen and Rob Rice

Good morning Sarah and the team at Casas Espania,

We would like to say ' THANK YOU ' for everything that you have done for us with our purchase of our property in La Siesta.

First of all, we were not even looking to purchase anything, on the contrary we were in fact coming into Casas Espania to sell my husbands parents property. Somewhere along the line, we ended up going to see a lovely Villa which is now our home. Sarah, showed us around the property, no pressure selling at all, but very informative regarding all the details and about the area.

My husband and I left to go back to Benidorm that evening and the next morning rang Sarah and asked for a second viewing. Sarah suggested we went and viewed another property just to see what was available and also to take 'our rose tinted glasses off', as we had both fallen in love with our Villa.

We went and looked but to no avail, having a drink on the corner by Casas Espania we said 'Yes' we would like to buy the villa. It really was like the television programme, a few minutes wait and a phone call from Gareth in the office to Sarah to say 'its all yours'.

The whole of the team at Casas looked after everything, arranging lawyers, bank, insurance, money transfers, even a locksmith for the doors.

The whole process took exactly 3 months and we are now enjoying the summer in our 'place in the Spanish Sun'.

Thank you again for everything, we still can't believe we have done it, but Casas Espania made our venture into the unknown so easy.


Karen and Rob Rice