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Where Should You Start When Buying a Property in Spain?

When we set out to purchase a property in Spain, some questions always comes up. Where to buy? What kind of property? In this article, we´ll try to help you with these and other matters.

There are a number of obvious reasons that drive most expats to Spain. The golden sandy beaches, the fantastic climate, the food, the wine, and of course that Mediterranean lifestyle! If you've been to the Mediterranean coast of Spain before, then you will know what it has to offer.

Buying a property in Spain is possible for anyone! You just need to have a vision of what you want, and take a succession of small steps to get you closer to your goal. Knowing the area we want to settle, either for holiday or permanently, is just the beginning of the house hunt. Additionally, it is advisable to figure out what kind of property fits better to our needs.

Casas Espania is here to offer impartial, practical guidance throughout your exciting Spain property-buying journey. Our mission consists in enabling you to successfully find your dream home, to move there safely, and to help you settle in and really make the most of your life in Spain.

The main purpose of this article is to help you throughout your purchase to safely and successfully finding your dream home in Spain.

Where to Buy

Despite the fact that Brits and other nationalities from the North of Europe head straight to areas close to the beaches, when you move to Spain, you have so many options to choose from. Spain is an extremely varied country, with wonderful beaches, mountains and countryside.

The lure of sun, sea and sand is very strong, but it must be taken into account that properties near the sea are generally more expensive than those inland, and perhaps just 20 minutes’ drive away from the coast you will find houses or apartments which are much better value and have more outside space. All depends on what you were exactly looking for.

It is crucial to know which ones will be our needs in order to choose the best location for us. If, for instance, you are retired and moving to Spain, you should think about what facilities you need close to your property. It’s just a dream to buy a villa on a cliff with a wonderful view, but it is likely that such a property will have numerous steps and will be some distance from the nearest shop. So you will have to go out by car every time you need something.

In Casas Espania we have a complete part of our Website dedicated exclusively to providing information on the wide variety of locations along the Mediterranean Coast. In the Section “About Spain” you’ll find apprehensive information about the different cities and areas of the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida. You can click in every city, and you´ll find information on the area and its surroundings. Take a look at it.

Most Common Types of Property

All along the areas close to the coast or the inland in Costa Blanca and Costa Calida, you will find mostly villas, apartments, townhouses of different styles and sizes.

Below is a brief guide to the most common types of property available in the Coast of Spain.


Spanish villas are either semi-detached or detached with gardens surrounding the front and/or the back of the villa. Some villas have a private entrance beyond a front gate and usually a driveway. Some villas also form part of a complex and may share communal gardens and a pool. If a villa forms part of a complex, you will have to abide by the community rules and regulations, and also pay community fees.


The vast majority of Spaniards live in apartment blocks, which are usually located in towns and cities. The size of an apartment can vary from a tiny studio to a large apartment complete with all the mod-cons. Most apartments will have a community swimming pool (and possibly other facilities such as tennis courts) and can make an ideal family home, as well as a holiday getaway. There are many bargain apartments to choose from and prices will vary according to what your budget allows.


Townhouses are generally rows of terraced houses, have a sense of community living and very good for families with children. Townhouses are between two to four storeys, including a large basement for a garage/storage, and a roof terrace known as a solarium. Townhouses usually have a small courtyard at the front and back and are set around a community swimming pool. They are cheap to buy and usually include lower maintenance costs.

Now you have an idea of what properties are available in the coast of Spain.


Spain has a wonderful choice of locations and property types, so you should be able to find the home that’s just right for you and your family. Put some thoughts together and decide where and what kind of property you want to buy in Spain.

Think about the following:

-Do you want to live on the coast? In a village or a city? Maybe in the countryside?

-How close can you be to the local amenities, such as bars and shops?

-Are you looking to be in a tourist development, or a residential area?

-Are there adequate pharmacy and medical facilities?

-What else needs to be in the area? Schools? A gym?

-Will you need to use public transport?

Casas Espania, Your Real Estate Professionals in Spain

If you are wishing to establish your residence or your place of holiday in the Coast of Spain, contact Casas Espania. Our property services are designed for discerning clients like you who want solid advice from knowledgeable mature people with integrity and a commitment to a professional customer service. Take a look at our online catalogue or properties. Through our website, you have a property search bar where you can see the bargain property for sale that best reflects your needs.