Property for sale in El Limonar Torrevieja

Property for sale in El Limonar Torrevieja

Take advantage of this moment to fulfill your dream of living on the Costa Blanca. We offer you a wonderful property for sale in El Limonar Torrevieja where you can see its peculiarities with the naked eye: a home with its own design and classic Mediterranean style.

Our properties in El Limonar Torrevieja are perfect to enjoy in summer. Its orientation and proximity to the sea, allows you to enjoy a warm home in winter and fresh in summer. Buying one of these fabulous bungalows you will have all the luxury of comforts at your fingertips, such as your own terrace to enjoy romantic or family evenings.

Torrevieja is one of the main tourist towns on the Costa Blanca and when summer arrives, the town fills up with tourists, owners of second homes... in short, parking difficulties increase. Our property in El Limonar Torrevieja is located in a quiet area with easy parking.

All are advantages when you decide to buy a flat or townhouse in El Limonar:

  • Own terrace
  • Near the sea
  • Easy parking
  • Spacious homes
  • Less than 30 minutes from the airport
  • Communal swimming pool

The best of our houses for sale in El Limonar: their price. With Casas Espania you have the opportunity to acquire your holiday home at a very competitive price.

Buy a property for sale in El Limonar Torrevieja and start enjoying the sun and sea

Living in a property for sale in El Limonar Torrevieja is synonymous with well-being and quality of life. Two of the main reasons for this are the climate and the sea. Torrevieja offers an enviable Mediterranean climate with warm temperatures during the 12 months of the year. The sun usually shines daily in the city and its rays penetrate into every home leaving a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

On the other hand, Torrevieja is bordered by miles of fine sandy beaches and crystal clear water. La Playa del Cura, La Playa de los Náufragos or La Playa de Los Locos are some of its formidable beaches where you can sunbathe or enjoy a relaxing bath.

Near Torrevieja you can also find leisure or sport areas, such as shopping centres and golf courses. If you like to shop or play golf, Torrevieja is the perfect city for you.

Would you like to request more information about our property for sale in El Limonar Torrevieja?

If you have taken a look at our property for sale in El Limonar Torrevieja and would like to request further details, please contact one of our estate agents in La Siesta - Torrevieja (Costa Blanca).

We offer you the possibility to contact us by using the contact form that you can see on our website or by using the following ways of contacting us:

Torrevieja Office

Calle Bizet Shopping Centre

Local 6 La Siesta - 03184 Torrevieja (Alicante)

TEL: 0034 966 785 202

MOB: 0034 669 366 996

Habaneras Office

Rosa Mazón Valero Avenue, 7, 03184

Torrevieja, Alicante

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