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Casas Espania now offer Lobster sim cards

Casas Espania now offer Lobster sim cards

17 December 2019

Casas Espania are now an authorised distributor of Lobster sim cards.

What is Lobster?- It´s a new Spanish mobile phone service provider, with all support in English/ English speakers and great prices.

Currently 3 packages are available- all include unlimited calls and texts to the UK (and other countries)

small - 4GB data- 12euro per month including IVA

Medium - 10GB data- 18euro per month including IVA

Large - 25GB data- 24euro per month including IVA.

Even better- your first month is FREE, and there´s NO contracts. You can even transfer your existing Spanish mobile number!

For more details, call into our office in La Siesta, and the other offices starting in the new year...

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