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Meet the Team - Andy Bowskill

Meet the Team - Andy Bowskill

23 February 2018

Something we aim to do, from time to time, is introduce you to members of the team here at Casas Espania.

Next up is "Old Geek" (yours truly), Andy:

Name: Andy Bowskill
Age: Mentally or physically?
Position: Geeky stuff
Office: La Zenia mainly
Status: Divorced
Children: 3 (Step kids)
Grand Children: 3
Pets: 1 Dog, 2 cats
From: Worksop
Previous Experience: Electrician, mobile phones, geeky stuff & anything else
Lives at: Sierra Golf, Balsicas

I´m Andy. Myself and Alfie (the dog) have been over here permanently since April 2014. Me, the dog & a transit van full of my stuff!
I grew up in a small mining village in North Nottinghamshire, typical of the era often found up trees or on the farm with my dad, moving into my first house in Worksop, then onto Tamworth.
A catchup with a school mate saw me emigrating and working for the company!
I´ve loved learning new things and experiencing the diversity & quality of life Spain has to offer. (Especially the food!). Favourite events tend to be Tapas Routes (more food!)
Before my initial company visits my only experience of Spain were the usual "holiday" stuff- Benidorm "with the lads" in the late 90´s, 2 different Canary Islands (not so impressed) and Menorca in a February (don´t ask!)- but Spain is so much more than beaches, cheap alcohol & sunburn!- All you need to do is venture a little off the so well beaten track.
Years ago, had you said I would be living in another country, I would have laughed at you. My suggestion?- Come and try the food!

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