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Necessary payments when buying a home in Spain

When buying a home on the Mediterranean coast, you have all the help and all support agents Casas Espania.. They will assist you in weighing and comparing information and gather everything you need and have the money to be made with one of the new apartments for sale in La Mata or some other town on the Costa Blanca work.

However, despite having this useful aid, it is our obligation to meet all payments to be made when purchasing one of the homes for sale that are in the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida.

By buying and financing a home, there are some additional costs. These expenses are variable and usually involve up to 14% of the total value. Here we detail the most important:

  • registry checks: checks are in the land registry to ensure that housing has not yet, other owners, outstanding debts, etc.
  • Notary: to attest contracts involved in the transaction:
  • oWriting or sale

    oor mortgage. The notary the financial terms of the contract and its consequences should explain.

  • Taxes: 10% VAT on the deed for new housing value. If the house is second hand, it has to pay the transfer tax that can reach up to 10% of the actual value of the home.
  • Pricing: appraisal expenditures are necessary to mortgage the house and vary the price of it.
  • registration: the cost for registering the mortgage and deed at the Land Registry.

We, thanks to our experience, we are convinced that such payments must be done in Spain whenever you want to buy apartments in new construction in La Mata, in the town or whatever.

If you are interested in the best new apartments for sale in La Mata, please contact our agents. In less than you might imagine, they have found for you, the best house of the entire Mediterranean coast.