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Testimonials: Happy Family!

Happy Family!

I want to thank Casas Espania and esp. Julie, Sara and Gareth, because they saved us from a ‘wasted’ trip, booked with another estate agent.
A Thursday in July Julie and Sara got the opportunity to show us some houses, because we weren’t satisfied with our estate agent. They understood at once what we were looking for: the very first one property we saw, was the one we fell in love with. We had a good feeling from the first minute we were in the house.
And than everything was going very quickly. Although we understand English, we got an explanation in our language (Norwegian) and before Friday evening we were in to the bank, the solicitor, the notary and the police. I can tell you it was very exciting and scaring on the same time. At that moment it’s very important to have people around you you can trust and who assist you on a comfortable way.
We went to Norway with a very good feeling. Every time we had a question I just took the telephone or I sent an e-mail. Now we’ve been there once after we got the keys and even than we got assistance/information when we needed it. We are very grateful for everything.
As Gareth said to us: Welcome in this big family!
A satisfied family
Agnes and Dirk