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Buying in Spain

Buying in Spain
19 Mar 2012

You have decided to buy a property in Spain, which is considered to be among the most beautiful countries in Europe. Whether you are planning to live in Spain or buy a property for holiday or investment purposes, the next question is whereabouts in Spain are you looking to buy?

There are factors to consider when choosing where to live, the foremost factor is the climate. In Spain the climate can be very different dependent on where you live. In the north of Spain the weather is much cooler than elsewhere in the country. In central Spain summers are generally hot and mild during the winter months. South Spain tends to have mild winters, while summers are hot and at times humid.

Another factor to consider is the facilities/services and infrastructure. Remote rural regions will not have the same facilities/services and infrastructure as bigger towns and cities, but you will notice a much more relaxed atmosphere and pace of life. If you choose a more urbanised area you will find that shops, bars, restaurants and offices will often have English speaking employees. You will also find English speaking doctors, dentists, pharmacists etc, this is beneficial if you speak little or no Spanish. If you want to move to a rural area, you will definitely have to become competent in Spanish, but you’ll definitely find it rewarding as you learn.

If you are planning to live in Spain and will be looking for work, you may find that some occupations flourish in some regions, but are rarely offered in others. It is wise to know if the type of work you are looking for is available in the area you want to live.

When moving to Spain with children the most important factor in deciding where you move to, is what the facilities will be like for your children. The Spanish dote on their children and you’ll notice a very warm and inclusive atmosphere wherever you decide to move to. You’ll definitely need to decide if you want your children to integrate into Spanish society, via a state school or ease them in more slowly at an international school. Younger children usually find it easier to integrate into Spanish schools. However this may not be suitable for all children, so definitely keep your options open and do your research.

Once you have decided where you want to live in Spain, contact us at Casas Espania to help you find that perfect property.

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