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Basic furniture pack part 1

30 January 2020

Casas Espania can now offer some excellent furniture packages at fantastic rates for clients.

Whether a resale property for sale is bought, or a new build property for sale, we can offer some excellent choices, quality and packages- all suppliers can assist with the design of furnishings within their new Spanish home.

Whether individual items, or furniture packs- we can supply these often at a cheaper cost than the new build property for sale in Spain constructors can.

For more information, see the attached examples, or contact the team.

Example of some current furniture pack prices (subject to change/ variation)

  • BASIC pack - 1 bedroom 1,499.00€; 2 bedroom 2,099.00€; 3 bedroom 2,749.00€
  • ECO pack - 2 bedrooms 4,059.00€; 3 bedrooms 4,799.00€
  • KARI pack - 2 bedrooms 6,999.00€
  • QUALITY pack - 2 bedrooms 7,249.00€; 3 bedrooms 8,599.00€
  • SILANDER pack - 2 bedrooms 7,599.00€
  • JULIA pack - 2 bedrooms 9,249.00€; 3 bedrooms 10,999.00€

We can introduce any clients to the companies and interior designers- the above are just examples of what is available (see the attached images for more information)

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